Un gite dans les Alpes

A gîte is a type of place you can stay in France. there is no accurate translation although it can be compared to the word cottage.

I found a gîte in the Alps. It is in the village La Roche Des Arnauds which is located near Gap. The gîte is in the green area surrounding La Roche Des Arnauds (although this becomes white with snow in winter)








Sport in France

Sports such as soccer, rugby, basketball, handball, tennis, cycling and horse racing are all popular in France. Soccer is especially popular in France, the french team has hosted and won the world cup in 1998 as well as coming second in 2006. France has also won prizes in the other sport specifically rugby, France having won the Six Nations Championship 14 times. And of cause the sport that France is internationally known for cannot go unmentioned. Every year for three weeks France hosts the Tour de France cycling race. Cyclists from all over the world participate in this gruelling race.

For more information go to lovetoknow or france-pub.



Ton partenaire idéal, il est comment?

Here is a conversation between two girls about their ideal partners.

Ton partenaire idéal, il est comment?

Il est intelligent, courageux et créatif.

Il aurait quel âge à peu près?

Il aurait vingt ans.

Il jouerait au sport?

Non, il jouerait d’un instrument.

Il aurait grande taille ou petit taille ?

Il aurait grande taille.

Il serait énergique ?

Oui, certainement.

 Il aimerait lire des livres ?

Oui, il aimerait lire des livres avec moi.

Mon Partenaire Idéal

Here are 6 French adjectives to describe my perfect partner.

perfect partner


What would make your perfect partner? Here are some French adjectives to use.

Comprehensif/comprehensive- Understanding, sympathetic, comprehensive

coquin/coquine- Cheeky, mischievous

imaginatif/imaginative- Imaginative

vaniteux/vaniteuse- vain, conceited

paresseux/paresseuse- Lazy, idle, slack

consciencieux/conscienceuse- Thorough, careful

gentil/gentille- kind, nice, sweet

renfermé/renfermée- withdrawn

coincé/coincée- hung-up, repressed, tense

marrant/marrante- funny, comical

Patient/patiente- patient

Haïku – randonnée

Haiku is a Japanese style of poetry. It is composed of three lines. The first has 5 syllables, the second 7 and the last 5 again. Here is one I wrote in French about walking.

J’aime la randonnée

Le plein air et les arbre


It translates to:

I like walking

The fresh air and trees


A photo I took while walking

A photo I took while walking